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Luxford has extensive manufacturing facilities including a purpose-built 1,500m2 manufacturing plant at Sunbury in Victoria.

The facility is fully-equipped with a 2,000, two 500 kg overhead and multiple jib cranes in order to fabricate complex and large sections of track, turn assemblies and other structural members.

Our areas of specialization include jig assembly, specialized fabrication, wet spray painting / finishing and custom assembly capabilities.

Luxford personnel have specialty welding skills for the welding of stainless steel and medium and high carbon steels.

As well our own roll-forming capabilities for rolling enclosed track section for our LT Series enclosed track conveyor products, Luxford has the abilities to bend and form medium and high carbon ship and lug channels and I-beam.

Specialist skills for the refurbishment and re-assembly of X-series free trolley components and sub-assemblies utilizing specialist equipment is another key competency within the Luxford manufacturing plant.

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