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Luxford supplies a wide range of innovative overhead and inverted conveyor systems and conveyor components to industry. As well as the traditional X-series chain conveyors, Luxford has developed our own unique range of light duty conveyors - the LT series for light duty conditions. Luxford also markets the range of new and refurbished overhead conveyor products from Wilkie Bros. of the USA. A range of pipe trolleys, proprietary technology from principals such as Acco Industries Inc. and lubricators and brush stations complete the range.

X-Series Conveyors

A full range of X-series conveyors and components in both power only and power & free configurations from X348 to X678 sizes.

Our X-series conveyors are in service in a number of Australian industries and diverse applications.

We have stock of the most popular X-series components - including track, I-beam, lipped-channel, trolleys and chain.

LT Series Light Track Conveyors

LT Series or light track conveyors are available from Luxford - either in kit form or else fully installed and commissioned in both power only (LT30) and power & free styles (LT70). Both overhead and inverted configurations are available.

These conveyors are designed to handle unit loads from 30-70 kilograms.

Pipe Trolley Series

Luxford can supply a full range of push pipe trolley systems and components for a wide range of applications and operating conditions.

Free Trolley Program

Luxford has two unique free trolley programs to provide our clients with quality replacement or refurbished free trolleys for overhead conveyor systems.

Other Products

Other products available from Luxford include power only and power & free conveyors and other systems, manufactured under license from Acco Industries Inc. a series of automatic lubricators for X-series, LT Series as well as automatic brush stations for power only conveyors.

Roller Conveyors

Luxford – Australia’s Leading Pipe Trolley Manufacturer Releases the New FG (Food-Grade) Overhead Pipe Trolley

New Luxford Corporate Brochure

New overhead conveyor and hide drop-off system wins industry praise at local animal skin and hide processing facility

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