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Luxford has a policy of disseminating as much technical information as possible on our chain conveyor products to both our current and future clients via our website in the form of product "Fact Sheets".

A list of current product Fact Sheets which are available for download are detailed below.

Fact Sheets are an ideal way in which to get hold of technical information on the product - particularly key dimensions, and they also provide a ready reference point to the Luxford Part Number when it comes time for ordering components.

We will, progressively over time be adding to and updating the list of Fact Sheets and technical information that are available from Luxford.

Corporate Brochure

The brochure contains the latest information on the extensive range of overhead conveyor systems and components and services available from Luxford. Details of our current list of key partners and distributors are also included.

Fact Sheet - AX series Pipe Trolleys

Typical dimensions and information for pipe trolleys

Fact Sheet - Caterpillar Drive Chains

Details and dimensions of the most common sizes of Luxford's caterpillar drive chain products.

Fact Sheet - Chain Attachments

Fact sheet on Chain Attachments.

Fact Sheet - Chains

Details and dimensions of the most common sizes of X-Series rivetless conveyor chain.

Fact Sheet - Other Products

Details and dimensions for attachments, special bolts and load bar components.

Fact Sheet - Pins

Details and dimensions of the range of chain pins available from Luxford.

Fact Sheet - x348

Details and dimensions of the X-348 Trolley.

Fact Sheet - x458

Details and dimensions of the X-458 Trolley.

Fact Sheet - x466

Details and dimensions of the X-466 Trolley (4" over 6").

Fact Sheet - x678

Details and dimensions of the X-678 Trolley.

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