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Our Extensive Range

Luxford have an excellent reputation for the diverse range and stock levels of our spare parts for X-series, LT conveyors, pipe trolleys and other products.

Luxford also able to supply a complete range of refurbished trolleys as the sole Australian-agent for our partner - Wilkie Brothers of the USA, the leading specialist trolley remanufacture in the USA.

LT Series

  • Chain
  • Dogs
  • Caterpillar chain
  • Free trolleys

Pipe Trolleys

  • Side guide wheels
  • Plastic coated wheels
  • High temperature wheel assemblies
  • Stainless steel wheel assemblies
  • Hanger brackets
  • Custom-made hanger brackets

X-Series PO and P&F

  • Half trolleys
  • Half trolley - bolt and nut assemblies
  • Free trolley parts (major brands)
  • All attachments (B,C,H and I etc.)
  • Roller turn rollers and pins
  • All major brand components
  • Micro alloy chain (Micro-Tuff 15)
  • Pusher dogs (All major brands)
  • Caterpillar drive chains
  • Caterpillar drive sprockets
  • Taper flange I-beams (to suit X348, X458 and X678 P&F)
  • MC channels - to suit X348, X458 and X678 P&F sections (higher grades available)


  • X Series PO and P&F
  • Flow Link Series
  • LT Series

Brush Stations

  • PO brush stations
  • Replacement brushes

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